The goal of the high energy laser is to improve quality of life, which means different things depending upon your situation. In many instances, multiple positive effects are evident after just a few treatments. Pain relief is an obvious effect, but other benefits which might also be observed include:*

Increased rate of healing

Revascularization of tissue

Increased nerve sensation

Reduction in scar tissue formation

Reduction of swelling

Improved inflammatory response

Increased range of motion

How Does the Laser Work?

Laboratory testing has documented the following reactions in tissue:

  1. Increase in ATP production, the cell’s energy source
  2. Increase in growth hormone production
  3. Increase in production and release of beta-endorphins, our natural pain killers

What Conditions can be Treated with the Laser?

Any condition that involves pain may benefit from laser treatment. These include:

Sports Injuries

Work Related Injuries


Low Back Pain

Foot Pain


What to Expect During a Laser Treatment Session

The treatment is completely painless and feels quite comforting in most cases. You may feel a mild warming sensation at each treatment point. No creams, gels, or ointments are applied to the skin. Your individual response rate will depend on the nature and severity of your condition. If you suffer from soreness and stiffness, you may have some immediate relief.

Success Stories

  • Active Release Technique has completely resolved the carpal tunnel I was diagnosed with 7 years ago. I was at the point of either surgery or Dr. Maria. I found her off the A.R.T. website and and am so grateful I was able to avoid surgery! MArtha (Winona), Active Release Technique Patient